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Psychiatric unit Services Offered

Services Offered

Department of Psychiatric offers comprehensive services in the following areas :

  • Psychiatry Clinic (Outdoor & Indoor)
  • Drug De-Addiction Centre (Outdoor & Indoor)
  • Sexual Dysfunction Clinic
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
  • Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Counseling / Psychotherapy
  • Epilepsy / Fits
  • Child Problems (Counseling & Medicinal Treatment)
  • Headache

 Psychiatric Facilities

  • 20 bed Psychiatry ward for admissions, government licensed & made as per Mental Health Act.
  • Facility for long term admission (1-3 months).
  • Separate treatment room to handle Violent/Non cooperative patients.
  • Facility to transport Violent/ Acute patients from home to hospital.

 Sexual Medicine Lab

  • One of its kinds, sexual health lab for treatment of all types of sexual disorders in males, females & couples. The Counseling is given before pre marital or past marital.
  • Practical sex education & treatment is provided to couples by internationally approved sex therapies.
  • There is a specially designed treatment & counseling room for practical understanding of sexual techniques. e.g. newly married couples have difficulties in making sexual contact. In this facility patient & psychiatrist sit in different room & interact for the solution of the problem.
  • The sexual medicine lab is backed by urologists, endocrinologists & gynecologists.

Sexual Disorders are 100% Treatable Irrespective of Cause

Drug De-Addiction Centre

Drug De-addiction Centre GOVT. RECOGNIZED for both indoor & outdoor treatment of all types of addictions in patient.
The outdoor treatment is such effective that one can go to work right from the first day without any pain or difficulty. Nobody can judge that you are under De Addiction treatment.

Only you have to say “YES” & mentally ready for the treatment.

An innovative treatment is designed for violent drug addicts who don’t come for treatment. (Parents have to come for consultation first)

Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

The only US-FDA Approved Australian Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation machine for treatment of psychiatry disorders with help of Soothing Magnetic Field instead of Electric Shock Therapy (ECT).

It is one & only TMS machine in a private hospital in north India.

 Recreation Room

A very spacious, decorated Play room equipped with Pool table, Air hockey, Treadmill, LED TV, video games, carom, board games, books, newspapers & magazines.

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    Near Gurudwara Singh Shaheedan

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